We make it easy to find ads that interest you with online search, filter, compare, bookmark and ad-matching tools.

Search Wide, Then Narrow It Down

The Search Form allows you to specify a search radius of up to 16 miles, so you can start wide and narrow it down later.

Use Search Filters

If your search finds more than one matching ad, you can use search filters to narrow the results. The filters appear automatically with search results. Just click on specific filters to apply them, and click again on the same filters to remove them.

Compare Results

To compare the main features of ads side by side, you can add the ads to your comparison list.  Click ‘Compare Ads‘ from the main menu to see the comparison results.

Let Us Help You Find a Match

Every day, we automatically check room-wanted ads against room-offered ads (and vice versa) for possible fit. If the fit looks good, we make the results available in your account for the next time you sign-in.

Optionally, we can send you FREE automatic email alerts as soon as we find a new match. You can opt in or out of receiving Auto-Search alerts at any time through your Contact Preferences on your account page.

We can check daily for new ads that match your needs. We’ll send you an email whenever we find a possible match. You can opt out of receiving ad-match alerts at any time.

Exclude Specific Ads

To save time later, you can exclude specific ads from re-appearing in your search results.  We won’t tell the other person that you’ve excluded their ad!

Bookmark Ads

You can select ‘bookmark’ to save an ad for future viewing. Your list of bookmarked ads will be available to you whenever you sign in. If the other person has elected to receive bookmark alerts, we’ll let them know that you have bookmarked their ad. You can also see a list of your recently-visited ads from the homepage when you sign in.

Report Problem Ads and Messages

We review all ads using a combination of automated and manual checks. We don’t routinely review all messages. All ads and messages need to be meaningful, useful and lawful. No checks can be 100% effective. If you spot something wrong or suspicious with an ad or message, please report it to us. We will investigate and take appropriate action.

Start By Placing Your Ad

We get new users searching our site every day. Start by placing your own Room-Offered or Room-Wanted listing to make sure you appear in their search results.