Remember that competition for flatshares and house shares can be fierce. Advertisers may be dealing with large volumes of interest and not everyone is good at replying.  Make sure you give the other person enough information to get them interested.  Place your own ad  so that the other person can see your profile.

Telephone Contact

Telephone or text is usually the quickest and most effective way of getting in touch with advertisers. To access published ad telephone numbers, you must be signed-in, and either you or the advertiser must have a current upgrade. 

Our Messaging System

You can use our secure messaging system to reply to ads. If you and the other person both have a free membership, you can send a basic message to introduce yourself and ask about the rental, but you cannot exchange personal contact details at this stage. If either of you has an upgrade, you will have full use of the messaging system to contact the other person and swap details.

Whilst getting to know the other person or first considering an ad, you may be more comfortable sending a message than phoning. To help keep you safe online, we maintain a copy of messages sent for an appropriate period and can monitor for patterns of suspicious messaging or content.

You must not use our site to contact users outside of the area you are advertising in, or purely to market your own generic services and products.

Whilst most people online are honest, we suggest you also read our related article on online safety.

Confirm Your Email Address

When you first register, or when you tell us you have changed your email address, we email you to make sure that we have the right details.  You need to click on the ‘Confirm’ button in that email.

We will hold your messages until you have confirmed your email address.

Accessing Your Messages

When someone sends you a message, we’ll normally let you know by email as soon as the message is available for delivery. You can opt out of receiving message alerts if you prefer.

After signing-in,  select ‘Mailbox’ from the main menu. You will see a list of your recent contacts, showing the most recent message to or from each person. To see a complete conversation, or to send a new message to an existing contact, select ‘Conversation / Reply’.

Delete Old Messages

You may delete old messages from your mailbox when viewing each conversation.

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