How to Use Roomlets.Rentals to let a room in your home

To help you get the most from our service, we’ve produced this short guide on how to use Roomlets.Rentals.


Can you help me find a room or a lodger?

Yes! Advertise your room using our simple online form. We’ll promote your ad on the web, and provide the mechanisms for search, matching and contact. We are not an estate agency, so we don’t get involved in rental transactions and we don’t take any commission or ongoing fees.

How do I find a lodger or flatmate?

Start by placing your own Room Offered ad on Roomlets.Rentals. We get new users searching for rooms every day. For the best results, be proactive in checking the ‘room-wanted’ ads in your area using our Search. We also have automatic ad-matching and can send email alerts as soon as we find someone looking for a room like yours.

How do I find a room?

Start by placing your Room-Wanted ad on Roomlets.Rentals so that people offering rooms can find and contact you. Search and browse the room-offered ads for your area, and send a free message to introduce yourself. We can also include you in automatic ad-matching to let you know by email as soon as we find a room matching your ad.

How much does it cost to advertise for a room or lodger?

We are Affordable: All plans include a FREE ad, and it’s free for other users to let you know when they are interested. Select from Standard or Premium upgrades to reach more people. We don’t charge commission and there are no ongoing fees. For the latest details read Select a Free, Standard or Premium Plan

Do you deal with Monday to Friday rentals?

Yes! To rent out a room and still enjoy privacy at the weekends, or find a room just for the working week, select this option. We provide built-in Mon-Fri search filters. Find out more: Monday to Friday Room Lets.

Can I advertise rooms in more than one property?

Yes! For landlords and agents advertising rooms in more than one property, we offer Professional plans. Read Select a Free, Standard or Premium Plan

How do I contact others?

There is no ‘early bird’ waiting period, so you can contact any advertiser as soon as they publish their ad. To let somebody know you are interested in their ad, click the ‘Send Message’ tab on the ad. Make sure you include enough information to get the other person interested. If the ad includes a phone number, click the ‘Phone Advertiser’ tab.

How do I reply to a message from another user?

All received messages are stored in your Roomlets mailbox. We can also forward a copy immediately to your email address if you wish. To reply, go to your Roomlets mailbox. If you have a free account you can reply to messages from upgraded users only. If the other person also has a free account, one of you will need to upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan to continue the conversation.

Why didn’t the other person reply to my message?

If the other person hasn’t upgraded, you may need to upgrade your account so that they can reply. The other person may not be checking their messages frequently, or they may have decided for whatever reason not to respond. We require users to remove ads as soon as they are filled, and we send you an automatic response if this happens whilst you are waiting for a reply.

How do I keep up to date with newly published ads?

When you place an ad with Roomlets.Rentals, we check regularly for ads on our site matching your search. We make the results available in your account for the next time you sign-in. Optionally, we can send you free email alerts to let you know about the latest matches.

How do I remove my ad?

To be fair to other users, you must remove your ad as soon as it is filled. You can either delete the ad or save it in your account ready for use another time. Some of our emails include a link for you to do this, otherwise you can deactivate your ad from your ‘My Ads’ page.

How safe is online rental advertising?

The vast majority of people online are honest, but some fraudsters rely on the internet to commit crime. We take the risk of rental scams seriously. We review every new ad before publication and we look for suspicious patterns of activity. No system can be 100% safe. We advise users to be vigilant, use common sense and to report anything suspicious. Read Rental Scams – How to Avoid Them.

How do I change my contact preferences?

You can select the type of emails we send you by visiting your account page, or by clicking the ‘Contact Preferences’ link at the footer of any email we send you.

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